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Where Angels Fear to Tread Part One - Castiel, Claire Novak

Characters: Castiel, Claire Novak
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Word Count: 843
Prompt for a_muse_meme: Mulder: They say when you talk to God it's prayer. But when God talks to you, it's schizophrenia.
Notes: Spoilers for the Rapture. Also a bit of RP from Twitter where I'm @thursdaysangel.

I woke with a start expecting to see the cat chewing on my nose. But that wasn't it at all. No glowing eyes shining in the darkness of Bobby’s guestroom. I was safe, the moonlight coming through the window the only light in the room.

My name was whispering on the wind as the window was blown open in a shower of dead leaves and cold. It wasn't a voice I expected to hear again. Not now that I've been earth bound. I grab my coat and slide on my shoes before spreading my wings.

Pontiac, Illinois is no more than a thought away. I arrive at the bottom of the stairs. I can hear her calling my name between choking sobs. Her name is Claire Novak. She was Jimmy's daughter. She's in her bedroom crying, rocking back and forth over her mother's body. "Claire?"

“Castiel?” She gazes up at me through the curtain of her dark blonde hair. Her hands are coated in her mother’s blood. I pray that she isn’t the one who killed Jimmy’s wife. “I’m scared.”

So am I. I crouch down across from her, careful not to tread on the blood. Her mother’s eyes are open, glazed in death. I touch her forehead, it is cool, and her soul is long gone.

“Did you see what happened, Claire?” I ask her calmly. Jimmy isn’t with me anymore, so his concern for his child isn’t overshadowing me. But I promised him that I would protect his family.

“I was taking a bath.” She’s dressed in a little girl’s nightgown. The ends of her hair are still damp. “I heard a bang and found her.”

“That’s all right.” She is trembling in shock and cold. I take off my coat and wrap it around her. I pick her up and carry her out into the hallway. I search Jimmy’s memories, trying to recall where her grandparents are, an aunt or uncle. I certainly can’t take the child with me.

I shift my perception, looking into the past, to see how and why she died.


They came through the front door. The wards that should have stopped them were useless. The demons sniffed the air, their eyes glowing red and white. They weren’t black eyed scum. These were higher level denizens of Hell, much higher on the food chain that humans who had lost their way.

Four of them went up stairs wearing the bodies of three men and a woman. They caught Amelia bringing Claire’s laundry up to her room, stabbing her more times than I can count.


“That doesn’t make sense,” I said, still holding Claire in my arms. “They came for you. Why didn’t they kill you too?”

“Because we wanted you, Castiel,” the female demons said with a laugh. She’s holding a curved sword, the blade black with demon blood. The runes that mark the blade seem to suck the light from the air. “Little bitch did just what we wanted.”

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Now I see the lines on the floor. The marks they think can hold me in place. I can feel the power in their casting now. I feel like an idiot for not seeing it before I rushed in.

Taking Claire with me, I back into her bedroom. More of the sigils stain the walls of her room. They couldn’t have done them all tonight. They had to have been planning this for weeks.

“Cover your ears, Claire,” I whispered, brushing my lips near her ears. I’m sure my voice won’t hurt her. She’s been my vessel, but I don’t want to take that chance. “And close your eyes.”

Another of the demons comes out of Claire’s bedroom closet. He’s carrying an axe that’s meant for one thing. Cutting off my head. I didn’t know where the other two are. I try to reach out with my power, but the cage holds me back. “Twice, Castiel. You’ve fallen for this twice now. You’re getting sloppy.”

“Castiel?” Claire’s fingers tighten on my shoulder. Her fingertips brush the edge of my wings.

“Shhh.” I’d rather wait for the other two to be there too, but I can’t take the chance. With a cry, I let my true voice out, and let their fouled essence feel my grace as I set it free from my human form.

Claire cries into the crook of my neck, while the demons scream. I smell the stink of their flesh blistering and burning, and hear the sound of their weapons hitting the floor. Dead or not, they are blind at the least.

My power burns away the runes, shattering their cage. Katie did better work when she trapped me.

With Claire tight in my arms, we fly away. I don’t know where to take her where she’ll be safe. They know she’s a vessel. She’ll be a target for the rest of her life unless another angel takes her. I don’t know what to do. How am I going to keep my promise to Jimmy?
Tags: scifi muses, vol1.week43

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