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#38 Sticky - 100 Drabbles of Summer

“Fuck!” Dean winced as Sam pried more of duct tape from around Dean’s wrists.

“You should use a knife.” I offered, looking closely. I could see where the hairs of his arm were being pulled taught as Sam worked at it.

“You know, Cas is right, Sam. Use a knife.”

“Stop moving and being a whiny little bitch, Dean.”

“Then Cas’ll do it.” Dean yanked his wrists from Sam’s hands and held them out to me. “Pretty please.”

“I dislike interfering in your brotherly bondage sessions, Dean.”

“Bonding, Cas. Not bondage,” they said at the same time.

“That's different how?”

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God Give Me Strength

#23 Dog Days - 100 Drabbles of Summer

“Aren’t you hot, Cas?” Dean groaned as he peeled off his shirt and took a handful of ice from the cooler to rub it on his chest before he popped open a cold bottle of beer.

“No.” I stood next to the Impala, dressed in my suit and trench coat while I watched Sam follow his older brother’s example. “I don’t get hot or cold.”

“Or have fun, or get drunk or laid either,” Dean pointed out as he flicked some of the cold water at me. I frowned at the water spots on my tie. “Missing the good stuff.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
Angel of the Lord

#19 Twilight - 100 Drabbles of Summer

The sun was setting, casting its last rays of God’s golden light on this small slice of planet Earth. On the streets below my perch humans were scurrying to get home to their families or to their lonely lives, shut in their little homes filled with their material possessions.

I had nowhere to go, no home, no family, certainly no possessions. All that I had was on my body, and of that only the cell phone that linked me to the Winchesters mattered.

But up here I could watch the sky change colors and pretend I was worthy of heaven.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List

#17 Kindness

I was human. There was none of God’s power left for me to use, and my rebellion had cost me any chance of getting more. Flying in an airplane was an uncomfortable experience. I missed the sound of my wings as I instantly traveled from one place and the next, from one dimension and the next.

This was tedious, and the food was horrible. It was time to land, and I was suddenly terrified.

“Are you scared?” the child sitting next to me asked before wrapping her fingers around my hand. “It’s OK. Daddy says flying is safer than driving.”

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#10 Envy - Castiel

Free Will was what made them special. It was what marked them as our Father’s favorites. I had never been curious about it. It wasn’t until I began to watch over Dean Winchester that I began to understand what a wonderful gift Free Will is.

Lucifer fell because of it. He was jealous of mankind, jealous that humans could pick their own path while the angels could not. Before Dean and Sam, I had no desire to choose my own fate. I believed that doing what my superiors told me was doing God’s Will.

I wish I could be free.

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Propositioned Castiel for wedschilde

The bar is loud. The music is far from pleasant, and the revelers seem to have lost any sense of self-worth and propriety. Some of them make Dean look like a saint.

“Hey come here often?” I jump, feeling someone’s breath on my ear.

“This is my first time.” I frown.

“Oh so you’re a virgin?” He slithered around to stand before me.

“Yes. Although my host had a child.”

“But you’re a virgin with guys?” He glowed with hope.

“Say goodnight, Cas,” Dean said, coming up behind the man. “Unless you’d like to be alone with your new friend?”

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Needs a Hug Castiel for phasing_cat

I am alone. The constant chatter of the chorus no longer fills my mind. I cannot hear the rustle of wings without cringing and preparing for battle. My true death is immanent. God has forsaken us. He has turned his back on not only his angels but on his favorite creation as well.

Dean tries to understand, but no human can. For them the touch of God is an abstract idea. While a human may believe they have faith, but they cannot know the true power of our Father.

Another drink of the bitter brew does nothing for my mood.

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Castiel and Dean

Silent Treatment Castiel for flying_monkees

“You’re just going to sit there and glower at me the rest of the night, Cas?” Dean narrowed his eyes at me from behind the wheel. “Come on! I was trying to do you a favor. You didn’t want to die a virgin, did you?”

I shifted and turned up the music louder, so I didn’t have to listen to his excuses for why taking me to a whore house had been a good idea. Jimmy had a child. My body had sex at least once.

“Good choice, listening to ‘Cherry Pie’ won’t make either of us think about sex.”

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God Give Me Strength

Wanker Castiel for graylikeme

“Where do you think he went?” Sam slammed his fist into the back of the motel room’s door hard enough to knock the papier-mâché unicorn off the wall.

“I don’t know, Sam. He’s your brother. You’re supposed to know him better than anyone on the planet.” Why does he constantly think I have the answers to everything? “Shouldn’t you know? I go out of my way to keep you both out of sight of the angels. The least you can do is keep track of each other.”

“Can’t you follow him?”

“Not anymore, Sam. Fallen, remember? Because of you two.”

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Ill Castiel for warchio

This is not how it is supposed to be. Dean should be the one on his knees, arms draped over the toilet seat while the pale blue water waits to receive my offering. Although in all my time watching over Winchester, I’ve never seen him sick.

My stomach twists again and a chill runs down my spine. It hurts when the vomit rises up my gorge and splatters in the bowl.

“We all worship at the Temple of Swirling Waters sooner or later, Cas.” Dean said, handing me a glass of tepid water.

“Yours is a cruel god, Dean.”

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